Can you save the Neon8?

Neon8 is an INTENSE VR experience. It eschews the current trend of using warp locomotion in favor of true First Person Shooter controls in VR, which some people may find uncomfortable. We’ve gone to great lengths to make it comfortable for a wide range of players, but if you are particularly susceptible to motion sickness please exercise caution! For the rest of you who are unsatisfied with current methods of VR locomotion, this is the game you’ve been waiting for!

Neon8 is a fast-paced First Person Shooter where you run, jump, fly, and shoot your way through levels of increasingly-difficult enemies.

Neon8 is like being sucked inside an 80s arcade game and granted super powers.

Neon8 allows you to compete against your own and others' high scores to reach the top of the worldwide leaderboard

Neon8 procedurally assembles each level ensuring you will never play the same layout twice.

The in/Zexts have invaded the metaverse and the peaceful Mother is powerless to oppose them. Brave warrior it is up to you to rescue her children before they are devoured. The question is, can you?

(EXPERT USERS: be sure to turn on fluid rotation from the Pause Menu for the full experience)

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